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You gotta design!

Updated 2010-01-19 23:59: See new images at the bottom of the post!

After seeing a tweet from @smashingmag about designing a small piece of graphics everyday, I and @janusclemmensen decided to try it out.

Here is my contribution for day11:
Still learning gimp. Perhaps this is a good place to start.

Contribution for day12:

Gonna try to make the design in gimp for tomorrows contribution. Here’s the sketch though!
Contribution for day13:

Got a tad stressed for time today, so i’ve just done some messing about in the gimp.
Contribution for day14:

Weekend and just a tad stressed at work, but now i’m back!
Submitting a picture of a cake i’ve baked. 2 layers of banana cake (yes, both the yellow and blueish is banana cake)
Contribution for day19: