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Making a Cafe Latté without a “do it all” machine

As you properly know, if you know me in real life, “I love coffee”.
(I also like tea though, but that’s a whole different story.)

Today when I wanted to make me a Latté, I thought to myself:
Why not tell other people how it’s done, so they also can enjoy a Cafe Latté without buying an expensive espresso machine.

What you need

For my Latté setup I use the following equipment:
1x Cooking pot
1x Whisk (google translated this one for me)
1x Coffee press
Some hot water
3x tea spoons of grinded coffe (roughly 14-21grams)
Half a cup of milk (I’m using light milk)
And 10 minutes to spare…

Here is a picture of the setup:
My setup
(Yep, lots of things to wash up afterwards…)

Ready, Set, GO!

First things first. Start by putting on a kettle of with water.
Then grind your coffee beans. (Freshly grinded is always best!)
Grinded coffee beans

Put the grinded coffee beans in the coffee press.
When the water is boiled, wait roughly 30seconds and pour it over the coffee beans.
Pouring hot water over beans

Set a timer between 3mins 30secs and 4minutes, to let the water get the taste of the grinded coffee beans.
Set a timer

And then we need to start making the Latté milk foam.
Since I don’t have any kind of steamer, i’m simply pouring half a cup of milk in the pot and whiskering it for the duration the coffee needs to “drag”. (The amount of time we set on the timer)

After the milk is done, it will look something like this (all puffy and nice):
Puffed milk

Fill the cup with half coffee and half milk.
I normally pour in the coffee first, then the milk on top. Remember to get lots of the puffed milk at the top, to give it that Cafe-like look.
Latte is done