Snap Open forked!

I have been using Snap open in gEdit for quite some time and I love it. It’s fast and easy to use, plus it saves me from using my mouse. However, the “fast” part seems to loose it’s grounds, when you start using it in larger projects. I even started to have problems on java projects.

After some investigation, I found out that it also looked in my target folder. The .snap_open_ignore file helped a lot here though. But still the search was slow and some times the search window stalled for longer periods.

I decided to fork the current project on github and fix the problems myself. As you can see from the project data, the last commit date was around November 8th, 2008. So I assume the author sees it as complete. (meaning I will not try to submit patches to him).

Anyways, the problem with his version was, that everytime you typed, the search feature would do a file search on the disk. So, every time I typed a new letter, the plugin did a search… everytime. So.. I fixed this. Instead of doing the search every time I typed, it’s now doing it only once – The first time you open the window. This increased performance a LOT. It’s now a lot smoother to use the snap open plugin.

So head over to, and check my version