More features

Alrighty then… I finally got around to add some more features to my webpage, and the first thing I added was the comments section! it’s finally up and running, all you need, is an OpenID and you can login and type a comment to the various posts. I also updated my CakePHP backend to version 1.2rc3, just so i’d have all new thingies.
What else… ah yes… I’ve added a syntax highlighter to the code sections as well. It works rather well, but increases the load time on the page slightly… I’ve also included pagenation on the blog! Was actually kinda fast to implement, just a few lines of Cake code and wupti.

On “other” interesting things, then i’ve just found (a boss at work gave me the link actually) an e-book written by 37signals about software projects and how to do it all better. Rather good reading and “mind expanding”… Wouldn’t call it mind blowing, but it’s good none the less. Link here. What else to report… I’m using Google’s Analytics on this page now… Just to see how it works and where people are actually clicking. I’m also working on getting an RSS feed up and running and I’m currently working on some javascript gadgets to go on my projects page (which I also have to finish… *cough*).

Think that was it for today, cheers all.