New homepage framework!

After a few discussions with the frontend group at work about writing everything yourself, they suggested that I looked at CakePHP. It looks a lot like Ruby On Rails and has most of the features it has, just for php :)

CakePHP is a Rapid development framework, written in php for php. It has a lot of cool features, such as Active Directory objects for databases, “search friendly urls” (almost by default), a good MVC pattern and much more!

So I started coding a bit in it, and started converting an existing freelance-customer-project (very important that it’s freelance…) to CakePHP.
Last night I thought: “better make my blog a prove of concept, before messing the freelance-customer-project up more”, so I started. My blog was finished in about 4hours (give or take some time, since I had to eat/help make dinner etc), and this is the result. More things will come on CakePHP as I discover them, for now, this is what I have to show for my effort, and the fact that it truely is a rapid development environment, shows when seeing the time I used for it. (And I have only been using CakePHP for about 4days or so…)