Apps & Scripts

This page will hold a list of applications and scripts i’ve made.
Not all of the applications and scripts will be free, but some will.

  • jQuery Suggest Text plugin

    This script is a small jQuery plugin, that helps the user fill out input fields.

    You can take any input field and add a help text to it.

    The help text will be displayed inside the input field and be removed once the user sets focus to that field.

    • If the user leaves the field blank and removes focus, the help text is set in the input field again.
    • If the user writes some new text and removes focus, the help text is NOT set back into the input field.

    You can get the script for free here:


    It’s really simple to use, simply call the following script on you input fields, and you are ready to go!

        text: 'Your help text here'

    Try the script used above!

    Click in the field and write some text (or don’t)